EXAUDIO - Hear the heart sing

Exaudio is a Finnish choir, conducted by Hanna Kronqvist, and consisting of approximately 20 female Swedish-speaking singers. The choir was founded in 2007 and gave its first concert in January 2009. Exaudio performs in a project-based manner, presenting a new project each year.

Throughout its existense, Exaudio has produced critically acclaimed projects in different musical styles – the repertoire consisting of vocal music ranging from sacred classical songs to modern secular new compositions. The choir has collaborated with various artists including a sound artist and circus performers, among others. Exaudio aims to explore the boundaries of music and vocal performance in a way that feels new yet natural for the singers.

For more information, please, contact us! We also perform our projects or custom-made parts of projects on request. 


Photo: Frida Lönnroos